Innofader - connectivity

Instructions for Pioneer DJM-900 / -900SRT / -900NXS / -900NXS2

Manufacturer: Pioneer

Model: DJM-900 / -900SRT / -900NXS / -900NXS2

Suggested Innofader Model: Innofader Pro2

Alternate Innofader Model: mini Innofader Plus

2nd Alternate Innofader Model: Innofader PNP2

Manufacturer Website:

Installation Instructions: The Innofader PNP, mini Innofader PNP P, and Innofader Pro2 all work on this mixer.

mini Innofader PNP P: easiest to install, lightweight.

Innofader PNP: full bodied, sturdy, but need to bend a plastic protective sheet out of the way to fit it. Plus if you have a DJM 900 Nexus, please do the following wire modification.

Innofader Pro2: also need to bend back the protective plastic sheet, but since it doesn't have adapter boards, the installation is easier than before.

NOTE: many customers have damaged their Pioneer DJM mixer due to improper handling. If you have ANY doubts, please get the job done by a qualified service technician such as Virtual Sound Technology. Doing so will save you lots of money and headaches.

Here are the original DJM-800 Installation Instructions. Note these instructions are with the original Innofader and DJM-800 adapter.