Innofader - connectivity

Instructions for Vestax PMC-07 Pro A,I,II,III CF

Manufacturer: Vestax

Model: PMC-07 Pro A,I,II,III CF

Suggested Innofader Model: Innofader PNP

Alternate Innofader Model: Innofader Pro2

2nd Alternate Innofader Model: mini Innofader Plus

Installation Instructions: All of the standard Innofader models - Innofader Pro2, Innofader Pro, Innofader PNP, mini Innofader PNP P - will work. A few things to note:

1) The Innofader PNP and mini Innofader PNP P outputs are limited to 0 to 5 volts, so when using the softest mixer curve, you won't get full mixer volume.
2) Some older Vestax PMC models MKII or earlier have an issue with the Innofader PNP where the following mod is needed to make the fader fully cut out on a sharp curve:Fix for Bleeding or Decay.

Note the Innofader Pro2 now can be used for all 3 Vestax faders without mods. Please refer to figure 12 showing the power hookup.