Fix For Mixer Bleeding or Decay (mostly old PMCs)

The Innofader, Innofader PNP, and Innofader PNP2 have a reverse protection circuit which might be the source of bleeding on some mixers. The below mod essentially bypasses this protection circuit.

Before you do this, make sure there is some dead space on the fader. Set the Innofader to the factory default as shown here.

Now if there is still bleeding, then try the below mod. ***NOTE: Before you do this mod, make 100% sure that the green LED lights up when testing the connector. Otherwise you may cause permanent damage to the Innofader.

Mod as follows for Innofader PNP and Innofader PNP2 (see below for original Innofader):


The below modification shows the Innofader PNP. The modification is identical for the Innofader PNP2.

First remove the 4 pin cable from the Innofader PNP.

Remove the grey wire from the connector on the 4 pin cable used above. Find another cable included with the Innofader PNP and remove all 4 pins from the small 4 pin connector which is the same size.

Insert the grey wire into the second pin

Plug the grey cable connector into the 5 pin socket on the Innofader PNP. Make sure the leftmost pin on the 5 pin socket is exposed as shown. Plug the original cable with blue, green, and yellow wires back into the original socket.

Mod as follows for original Innofader:

First remove the 8 pin cable from the Innofader.

On the 8 pin cable, remove the grey wire from the connector.

Remove a 5 pin connector from on of the line fader cables. The picture below shows removal of one wire. All 3 should be removed.

Insert the grey wire into the second to last connector position.

Plug both the 8 pin and 5 pin cable into the Innofader.

If this mod doesn't work, note Innofaders on the new production have a much lower resistance for the fader off position.
Older original Innofader production resistance = 4 ohms
Newer original Innofader + Innofader PNP production resistance = 0.45 ohms
This lower resistance is much more effective at eliminating this bleed problem. Please write to us if you want assistance with this.