The Innojuster is back by popular demand! The new Innojuster has all of the parts needed to work with the current models Innofader Pro2, Innofader PNP2, and mini Innofader Plus.

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The Innojuster allows you to do all of the adjustments, calibrations, and presets with your Innofader fully installed. You may find this especially helpful if you frequently do fine tuning and want the flexibility to do this without opening your mixer or controller each time. Includes the following controls:

1) Cut-in: Allows adjustment of the dead space on each side of the crossfader.
2) Curve: Allows a full range of curve adjustments from bottom to top cut and everything in-between.
3) Fwd/Rev switch: Switches between normal and hamster style fader operation
4) Calibration: Allows recalibration of the Innofader on-the-spot and access to all of the fader presets.

Note on the mini Innofader Plus the Cut-In and Curve dials adjust left and right cut points independently. On the Innofader PNP2 and Innofader Pro2, you have the flexibility of using the standard dial functions or separate left/right cut point adjustments.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions or would like assistance in making the Innojuster work with other Innofader models.

Price: $45USD

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