mini Innofader Plus


This is the upgrade model for the mini Innofader PNP P and the new standard for controllers. Now has a precision +/- 0.05mm cut point accuracy and 1msec response time. Fits all Innobender and Innofader PNP compatible mixers, plus more:

Numark PT-01 Scratch!!!
Most Pioneer DDJ controllers
Most Pioneer DJM mixers, EXCEPT see mini Innofader DJM for DJM-300, DJM-500, and DJM-600)
Korg mixers
Vestax VCI-300, -380, -400 crossfader.

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mini Innofader Plus manual p.1

mini Innofader Plus manual p.2

Mini Innofader Plus Manual rev. 2 p.2

Mini Innofader Plus Cables

mini Innofader Plus Kit Contents