Innofader PNP


This is the new PNP version Innofader which will take the place of the original Innofader.

Purchase the Innofader PNP if:
1) You want to save cost.
2) You have a VCA mixer or controller which is Innofader PNP compatible.
3) The future mixers where you plan on using the Innofader PNP are also compatible.

This essentially fits the same mixers as the original Innofader with the following improvements:
-> Extra knob!-> No adapter boards!
-> On-board wiring tester
-> Reversible 3 and 4 pin VCA cables
-> Denon / Rane Empath cable included
-> Added insulator card on the bottom
-> Added DJM-800 and DJM-900 mounting brackets
-> 2 Vinyl marking stickers included.

The only thing we removed is Ecler support. For this please purchase the Innofader Pro.

Since there are no adapter boards, the installation process is much cleaner and simpler. However, please still be careful during installation and make sure to avoid metal-metal contact between circuit board parts and cables. To be safe, use a piece of electrical tape to wrap the mixer cable plugs.

Price: $99.99

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Innofader PNP accessories

Innofader PNP manual p.1

Innofader PNP manual p.2