The Innobender is an Innofader with added special adapters designed to allow the Innofader to fit into extremely tight spaces. Currently we have done extensive testing and know the Innobender can fit into the following MIDI controller and mixer models:
Vestax VCI-300
Vestax VCI-380
Traktor S.4
Pioneer DJM-400
Pioneer DJM-350
Stanton m.207
Mackie d.2

The picture on the left illustrates how even on a MIDI controller with an extremely low profile, there is still enough space for your beloved Innofader!

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Select a Mixer / Controller that works with the Innobender

brand namemodelinnoFADER #1innoFADER #2innoFADER #3innoFADER #4
Mackied.2Innobendermini Innofader Plus
Native InstrumentsS4 MKI, MKIImini Innofader PlusInnobender
PioneerDJM-2000mini Innofader PlusInnobender
PioneerDJM-350mini Innofader PlusInnobender
PioneerDJM-400mini Innofader PlusInnobender
Stantonm.207Innobendermini Innofader Plus
VestaxVCI-300Innobendermini Innofader Plus
VestaxVCI-380Innobendermini Innofader Plus