Innofader technology
Understanding that a mixer will live or die simply by the feel of the fader, we've gone to great lengths to make sure that the innoFADER offers the best possible feel for the broadest range of DJs and styles.

DJs have a tendency to be less than gentle with their faders. The traditional 4mm stem isn't that strong, which is why we use an an 8mm Steel stem. Not only does this give the greatest possible strength to weight ratio, but also adds a few extra grams to the feel - often so important for many DJs.

The rails are equally important to the feel of the fader. They're made from the finest Stainless Steel, machined and polished to the highest tolerances, and importantly humidity tested to ensure that they remain clean and smooth, not matter what conditions you work in.

For the ultimate in adjustability, the innoFADER comes complete with tension control. Essentially, this is a shaped washer mechanism, acting against the top rail and adjusted with a small screw. With one turn of the supplied adjustment tool, you can adjust the feel of the innoFADER from ultra loose (for the turntablists) right up to pitch fader style firm (for the mix DJs). Importantly, the tension mechanism has been designed so that the screw doesn't get dislodged with constant fader movement.

Finally, to eliminate the much despised "clicky" noise often experienced with other faders, the innoFADER has Silicone rubber stoppers at the end of the rails.