Innofader technology
Swapping a crossfader out should be plug and play, but each manufacturer has their own way of doing things. Thankfully, the innoFADER comes with a plug and play adaptor board - with built in calibration - that should cover all but the most proprietary of electronics.

But even if you've got the innoFADER to fit your mixer, the wiring still might not be correct. So included is a testing circuit that will check to see if the power and ground cables are reversed. And should you attempt the fit the fader without testing, the innoFADER has a backwards protection circuit, preventing damage to the mixer and the fader.

While we're aware that the primary use of the innoFADER is for a crossfader, we've worked hard to enable line fader replacement as well. Via a small adaptor board, power can be shared - if necessary - between the crossfader and line faders.

But it's not just the electrical compatibility that matters - it's the physical seating in your mixer. With this in mind, the innoFADER comes with an adaptor plate, screws (both metal and insulated), and various washers to enable the perfect fit inside your mixer.

Having shown that the innoFADER is the most universal fader on the market, you need to know exactly what it does drop right into and how easily, as well as any any other associated info. Click the button below for the constantly updated list.

Innofader Fitting Chart